Star Wars: The Force Awakens’s collectors edition coming this November 

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENSMOVIE NEWS STAR WARS This fall, Star Wars fans around the world will experience a galaxy far, far away–up close and in eye-popping 3D–through the highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D Collector’s Edition, rolling out beginning Oct. 31 and arriving in the United States and Canada on Nov 15. For […]

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My opinion

         Alcohol, should it be legal? Alcohol, we all know what it is. For someones alcohol is the best thing in the world, and for other just the opposite. Well, alcohol should be illegal: It causes many accidents every year, and it’s the responsible of thousands of deaths a year, and not […]

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Type of crime: kid-nape, rape and murderer Criminal: Gordon Stewart Northcott Detective: Sanford clark Victims: 24 kids Motive: He was pedophile Dates of crime: 1928-1930 Place: Wineville´s henhouse Trial and sentencing: death penalty, they hung him CRIMINALS BIOGRAPHY Birth: 9 november 1906 in Canada Family information: The mother killed children and the father was a […]

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Film Dialogue

-So… Are you Gordon Stewart Northcott? Its going to be easier if you talk -I wont talk -Were you living in the henhouse? -… -Answer! -Yeah, thats my house since 1910 -And were you living with someone? -No! Why? well yes, thats my nephew -I do the questions here! Is that your axe? -No -We […]

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A Bloody Post!

14-4-15 Dear diary, these days have been a bit strange and eerie… Like other days i went to the dank forest, that cold and humid place, perfect to murder kids and adults. But the last days, many strange things are happening… Just 2 days ago, i saw a ghoulish, a big one, eating a human… […]

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Godlike repport

Zeus, God of sky and thunder, the most powerful God of the Greeks gods. Son of Cronus and rhea, he’s one of the three great God, with Poseidon and Hades. He likes a lot women, specially mortal womens, that’s why the relation between him and the rest of gods broke, specially with Hera, her sister […]

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